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At Car kolor  we have a very skilled team of tradesmen that have brought their own unique skills in the beginning and from there have developed new skills under the watchful eye of Kevin O’connor.


There are no shortages of body shops that advertise classic car restoration and there are many that do a very good job.

There are many that start with great vigor and enthusiasm but never complete the task in hand. Car restoration is hard work! It requires a relationship between repairer and customer and an understanding of many different skills.
At  Car Kolor we have a very skilled team of tradesmen that have brought there own unique skills in the beginning and from there have developed new skills under the watchful eye of Kevin O’connor.
Kevin brings 30 yrs experience in restoring classics in England A lover of British cars but most of all a wish to bring any car back to it’s former beauty . "Each car is a dream for someone and certainly was for the designer, so if we have the chance to give a rusty old wreck new lease of life along with a huge smile of pride to the owner we will do just that”.
Estimating the cost of a restoration is something that can only be done with experience, most bodyshops fail here at the first hurdle.
If you break down what needs to be considered it is easy to see why.


All parts must be removed with great care almost always rusted in nuts bolts etc. In many cases these parts are irreplaceable if broken. They need to be marked photographed and stored (dry) checked for damage and listed if new to be ordered or they need attention (chroming etc) At this point talk with the customer and order new or remake


This is a major part of the restoration these parts add up to a mountain of large and small parts always rusty seized in bolts we strip all to bare metal and re spray in high quality primer followed by 2K or epoxy finishing material.


The body is probably corroded and many areas that give the vehicle strength will be compromised.

A good eye is needed and often a frame is welded into the body to hold alignment allowing us to cut away corroded areas.


The next stage is a grueling battle which takes huge skill and patience re-making panels and constant checking for alignment. The need for rust treatment often left behind by other bodyshops at this stage. Communication with the painter is important discussing the shapes and lines.


The whole body needs to be treated and etch

primed inside and out. Unlike many shops we don’t leave this until we have filled and shaped the

body as oxidization of the metal can be below the

filler and go unnoticed.


The filling and shaping needs to be done DRY  as water can penetrate the filler this is the main

cause of repair shrinkage after paintwork.

There will be many areas that the etch primer has been cut away in order to shape, these areas need

re-etching. Primers are extremely important in order to achieve beautiful paintwork high quality primer fillers and surfacers need to be used.


We can now cut the car wet as the surfacer will act as a seal for moisture at this point the water allows us to inspect for levelness of shaped areas, only a painters eye will do for this job. We re prime areas

that have cut through the surface.


At this stage we use a gloss colour (not always the same as the final colour) This is to let us see what the final job will look like i.e. a true guide to the levelness of the car it also acts as a surface for final coats. We flat this with fine wet and dry ready for final coats.


We can use either solid colour or base and clear at this stage depending on the car and the customer requirements. Solid colour is more in keeping with the way the car was formerly done, but paint has come on since then. We often paint the vehicle in it’s true colour flat and paint or clear again. Often Clearcoat will give a higher gloss level as well as UV protection. The result being a longer lasting sheen.


Car Restoration Thailand


A final flat with ultra fine wet and dry and then machine polish to a glass finish using 3 grades of compound followed by a wax polish to seal and hold the shine.


We often feel like the job is nearly done at this stage the car is gleaming and nice chrome bits and pieces to fit. The truth is if we have all the parts ready it is about half way done. Aftermarket and remade parts don’t fit the way the original parts fit and therefore the rebuild is frustrating and time consuming. Repairs often have to be made to wiring looms seat mountings chrome trims and clips etc.


We are happy to take care of engine reconditioning and or rebuilds to customers specifications.

Brakes etc. New joints bearings brake shoes pads are fitted as required.



We can recommend an interior repairer as well as delivery and pick up service. We don’t provide this service in house, although we are happy to install.


Done by two people as things can go unnoticed.Willingness to re do things at this stage is important.

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