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คาร์ คัลเลอร์

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Here are a selection of cars restored by Car Kolor No matter what Marque, what model,

Car Kolor will restore your car to it's former beauty. Alternatively we will be happy

to build the car of your dreams just the way you want it to be. Custom car, luxury car,

hot car or stretch limo. Come and talk to us.We will also renovate your car

parts or motorcycle parts, repaint,

chrome or powder coat.

MGB Thailand
Cadillac Thailand

CADILLAC 1959 Coupe De Ville

A very successful restoration we re-sprayed every mm inside outside and underneath re-chromed all chrome work.  A job like this gives us huge pride and satisfaction.


Pontiac Thailand


More like the size of a boat than a car the huge straight panels are notoriously hard to get right while shaping! This one in black which shows every imperfection was painted twice fault finding before it's final gleaming finish coats.


Muscle Car Thailand


The Charger with it's huge power engine is renowned for it's rear quarter panel damage from sideswipes. They have subtle curves which are very difficult

to shape. This one in black shows our dedication to achieve perfect shaping, many many hours of checking

and re-shaping.A stunning example of

this Classic Muscle car

Chrysler Thailand


A difficult restoration This car had spent time in another bodyshop and the

quality of work was poor. We removed

all paint inside and out back to bare

steel, cut out all previous

welding and started fresh.

The finished car looks beautiful

and the customer was very happy.



Lotus Thailand


This car had suffered damaged panel work in an accident, The major task was repairing the fiberglass panels and putting strength back and then making a pefect colour match.


Maserati Thailand


This car had received heavy modification

in another garage,The front made longer

and the rear shorter. We manufactured

new doors from scratch, we made new

rear bumper and lowered the rear wings

and cut louvers into the front wings.

Overall a successful transformation


Mustang Thailand


The body work on this car was already in good shape a rare numbers matching car,

We re-painted inside outside and underneath including all suspension parts and axle etc.


Hot Rod Thailand


We painted this car in a three stage system

to achieve the beautiful purple candy finish and then air brushed in the flames in red

blue and yellow candy. 


BMW 2002

The owner of this car has an engineering background and did all the mechanical restoration himself. He had tried a few garages for body work before coming to us.

I.m happy to say we finished to his satisfaction .


Jeep Thailand


We are always making at least one

Jeep we find a donor which is generally

in very poor shape, we then manufacture

all panels in house and modify the

chassis to give a modern ride with good steering, brakes etc.Often using the

3.0L Isuzu Turbo diesel 4wd set up


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