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Quality Car Refinish Products

We are proud to announce the launch of the full range of automotive refinish products from Roberlo as the exclusive Thailand importer.


Unix 150.jpg
Unix 150 Hs Clearcoat 5 Litre +2.5 Litre of activator in slow medium or fast



฿3,300 per 7.5 L set Also available in 1 L kit

  Unix 150 HS clear is a world class product and has proved itself to us in the Thai climate a very high gloss easily polished and very durable. This clearcoat holds it's gloss level for years and handles re-coating well It has high UV protection a must in Thailand's climate.

primer offer.jpg
5L kit of Multyfiller light grey on offer with 1 L Global 6000 + activator free



฿1,900 per 5 L set also available in 1 L Kit

This is an excellent all round primer, It has VERY high filling properties easy level application, it can be thinned to be used also as a primer surfacer. No clogging or shringkage, easy rubbing. We are launching this 5L kit with a 1L global clear and 500 ml of activator FREE

total 8 offer.jpg
Total 8 filler is a lightweight filler with excellent adhesion to steel, aluminium,fibre and galvanised steel



฿1,350 per 3 L set or ฿450 per tin

Total 8 filler is simply the best filler we have ever used it is made from glass microspheres ground to an extremely fine powder,in our opinion it is superior to all others available here saving time and energy from heavy filling to fine finishing, We are launching with an offer buy 3 and get 1 multyplas FREE 

The whole range of U.PO fillers fibreglass fillers and stoppers are high quality low shrinkage, easy rubbing and fit well into the dry rubbing system.

Well known in the European market a good find here in Thailand.

screen adhesive.jpg
High quality windscreen and glass adhesive



฿350 per 290 ml tube

Easy to use high quality screen adhesive

Stonechip textured finish
Overpaintable solvent base



฿420 per 1L tin

Stonechip is a must in the bodyshop whether for the inside floors or underneath the car, siltex 800 gives a very even finish which can be painted in the colour of your choice.

slow thinner.jpg
Carkolor's own blend of 2k slow thinner. 3.5 L



฿700 per 3.5 L tin

We had this thinner blended from pure frustration as all that was on the market was fast release with heavy gloss drop. It is a slow release helping flow and finish as well as holding gloss.

Hollow section wax a great rust beater



฿550 per 1 L tin

This product is to be sprayed into all the nooks and crannies of the chassis, sill sections,inside doors etc. There is no doubt that it can help with slowing down the rust process.

Multyplast is a filler designed for plastic parts



฿280 per 1 kg tin

This filler is black in colour and has excellent adhesion to plastic car parts like bumpers, dash parts , trims etc

SN 96 Metallic Polyester
Fantastic metal based filler



฿750 per 1,3 kg tin

This product mixes like a filler, In the first few hrs it can be rubbed and cut like a filler. However when through hard it can be drilled and tapped it becomes so hard you need a grinder to cut.. Every bodyshop needs this on the shelf!

80 ํc 18mm and 45mm Masking tape



฿35 and ฿90 per roll respectively

This is the tape you need in the Thai climate. It is designed for spray booth baking to 80ํ c therefore the glue can handle the climate. All tapes we have used here leave the glue behind and make hard work of masking and de masking.

A very hard textured epoxy 2k product used on bedliners etc



฿990 per 1 L kit

Robliner is available in black and tintable to any colour you choose. It is very popular as a textured hard finish to inside pick up bed liners or 4wd vehicles. Simply add the hardener shake and apply, or add hardener and the colour of your choice, shake and apply.

global offer.jpg
Global 6000 MS Clearcoat
A very affordable 2:1 clear
on offer with 1 litre primer filler + activator free



฿2,700 per 7.5 L set Also available in 1 L kit

Global 6000 clear is a medium solids 2:1 faster drying clearcoat, It is ready for use after activator added no thinner required. It has been designed for ease of application as well as very easy to polish.

It gives a very high gloss for an MS product as well as durability. We are launching this clear with 1 litre of primer filler and 250 ml of activator FREE.

Epoxy primer.jpg
A real epoxy primer exactly what you need for restorations



฿3,200 per 7.5 kg set

We have tried all the epoxy primers available here, this is the only one we would recommend. Excellent key and seals clean steel ready for filler or primer.


Resinglass is fine fibreglass strands in a filler form




฿350 per 1.5 kg tin

Resinglass is a fibreglass filler that has been designed for the automotive repair industry as well as the boat industry. It has better adhesion than all other fibreglass pastes we have used before as well as ease of application and much easier rubbing with far less paper clog.

Wurth is a name well known for high quality products. This rust converter is very useful during preparation as brushed over slightly corroded areas it will hold back the corrosion and seal the surface against moisture.


1k poly sealer.jpg
This is a multi purpose sealer/adhesive activated by moisture.



฿240 per 310 ml tube

This sealer is designed for the refinisher, It is available in black,grey or white. It is more fluid than all others we have used and therefore flows nicely making a nice bead for say doorskin folds. It has excellent adhesion and therefore a multitude of uses in a bodyshop, also overpaintable.

air stonechip.jpg
Aerosol stonechip with coarse or fine application


฿200 per 500 ml tin

Simply a great product to have around the garage maybe to coat a small patch welding repair or on sills before paint. Can be overpainted.

4 to 1 clear.jpg
Carkolor 4:1 clear 4.75 L kit



฿1.300 per 3.5 L tin

This 4:1 clear is extremely fast drying and easy polish. It is a medium solids and a great product for the quick turnaround shop. It's also a very cheap clear for under the bonnet and inside doors etc.

1K zinc aerosol



฿260 per 400 ml tin

Zinc spray is ideal for protecting bare steel while we work IE fresh welded areas or areas ground back to bare steel.

Cutting and Polishing compound 



฿700 per 1 kg

This is a middle grade cutting paste it is very fast to gloss from 1500 grade paper flatting


Plus 36.jpg
Plus 36 is an excellent all round filler.



฿360 per 1.8kg tin

Plus 36 has excellent adhesion direct to bare steel and fibreglass,

It has the creamy consistency of a finishing filler but can be used on deep repairs also.

robfoam 1.jpg
Professional door jamb masking foam



฿700 per box

A real timesaving masking product. reducing masking edges between door jambs and exterior

1K Etch primer



฿350 per 400 ml aerosol

Just such a good product to have around the garage, after cutting through to metal after primer etc just a quick spray protects the steel or aluminium etc without having to mix or clean the gun.

Contact us for delivery details etc , all prices subject to 7% VAT.
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